Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yummy Doesn't Have To Be Homemade

I bought these Nestle break and bake cookies the other day, but only because they were on sale.  These easy to bake cookies are pretty expensive to buy on a regular basis, at least for my budget, but when they are on sale cheap enough, I like to treat the kids.  Okay, and myself.  Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.  Seriously, I could eat them until I feel sick.

Anyway, the ones I bought the other day had a chocolate center.  That's right, when I broke open a warm cookie, yummy, delicious melted chocolate oozed out.  Talk about good!  The only problem was that they were very, very rich, and I could only eat a couple.

Wait, that might have been a good thing. :)


Dawn said...

They look good. But I don't do sweets. I couldn't loose weight eating them. :(

jenn said...

Dawn ~ Oh, I know that all to well. That is why I don't usually keep chocolate chip cookies in the house. They are my weakness.