Thursday, September 6, 2012

Christmas Gifts And Cookies

I have been thinking lately that I need to get a list together of all the ingredients I need to make Christmas cookies this year.  Last year, December kind of snuck up on me, and I never made a single cookie.  I was sad about it, too, because the kids and I usually get together with my mom and sister to have a "cookie day", where we each make our favorite cookies, and then we share them.  I also like making tubs of cookies to give out as gifts to friends who I don't buy real gifts for.

I am stressing buying gifts again this year, because there never seems to be enough money.  Now that I am repaying the loan my boss gave me to fix my car, I bring in $100 less every month. My kids are older now, and they want electronics, which are expensive.  I need to check out Geek Magazine for some ideas.  I keep telling them to make me lists, but they forget.  I really want to be able to get the girls laptops (Ryan already has one) but I may need more than Apple promo codes to be able to afford them.  I might have to wait until February and get them when I get my tax refund.  I'm hoping they will give me some ideas for cheaper gifts, that way I can use a Target promo code and do a little shopping online.

For now, though, I am going to go through my cookie recipes, and decide which ones we are going to make this year.  I don't want December sneaking up on me again.