Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Do you worry that your baby is not getting all the nutrients it needs to grow up strong and healthy?  If you breastfeed, that should not be a concern.  We all know that a mother's milk is the best thing for a baby.  But sometimes, like with me, a women is unable to breastfeed, and she has to rely on baby formula.  These days, with most people watching how they spend their money, it's nice to know that the store brands are just as good as the name brand formulas.  They just cost less. In fact, Store brand infant formulas won a major victory this week when a U.S. Circuit Court upheld a $13.5 million false advertising claim against Enfamil maker Mead Johnson.  It seems they were trying to say that store brand formulas weren't as good as the name brand formulas, when in fact, all baby formulas must meet the same nutrition guidelines.  You can find more information at

I think it's great that moms have so many choices these days when it comes to what they feed their babies.  I pumped my milk for several months with each kid, and I supplemented with formula.  I bought the store brands back then simply because they were cheaper.  It's nice finding out that they were just as good as the name brands.

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