My Cooking History

What can I say?  I am a mom to three wonderful kids, and married to my best friend.  I love cooking and baking, and plan on sharing a lot of that with all of you.

When I first got married, I didn't know how to cook.  At all.  I could make mac and cheese (from a box) and boil hot dogs.  That was it.  Imagine my surprise the first time I had a hot dog baked in the oven, and realized how delicious it was.  I haven't boiled a hot dog since.

I love trying new recipes, especially if I can cook the meal in one or two pots (or pans).  I love simple, yet flavorful things.   I hate fish, and love chicken.  In fact, we eat chicken a lot around here.  We have a few favorite recipes, like my bbq chicken with pineapples and my Parmesan chicken.  I also make killer meatballs from scratch.

My girls, who are 12 and 8, also love to cook, and most of the time are begging to help me prepare meals.  

I guess that's about it.  Oh, I should probably mention that I love to eat, which shows on my waistline.  It is my goal to find healthier ways of preparing the foods we love, while sticking to a budget.  Sounds simple, right?