Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Simple (And Healthy) Snack

I was in the grocery store this afternoon, and they had the most beautiful strawberries.  Of course I had to have some.  Yesterday, we got a couple of bags of bananas (our local grocery store takes all the single and really ripe bananas and bags them up, then sells them for $.99 a bag), so I planned on cutting up the strawberries, adding some sugar, letting them sit for a little while, and then adding some banana.

And that is exactly what I did.  It came out delicious!  The best thing was that the kids loved it too, and aside from the little bit of sugar on the strawberries, it was a pretty healthy snack.


Dawn said...

Looks good, my friend !! :)

Mizé said...

Good idea to replace desert!
It reminds me my fruit salads.
We can still find strawberries here and bananas we have all year round.
Too keep bananas from turning dark, you can add half lemon juice.
See you :)

Mizé said...

Sorry, I meant dessert :)

jenn said...

Thanks Dawn. It was delicious.

jenn said...

Mize ~ I love fresh fruit, and thankfully my kids do, too. I have heard that about lemon juice, but have never tried it. These didn't last long enough to turn brown, though. :)