Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Apples Are The Best Apples

Last week, I bought a pack of Chiquita apples with caramel to take with me to Tennessee.  The package I bought had four individual packs of apples, and on the wrapping it had a code for a free pack.  All I had to do was go online, put in the code, and I could download a coupon.

When I went to print the coupon, my computer asked me how many copies I wanted.  Usually, it will let me do two copies before it says I've reached my limit.  I was shocked when this site let me print ten coupons!  The only problem I am having is finding the fruit...only Walmart carries them.  I was able to find the apples and caramel there, and also a five pack of apples and grapes. 

I have used all ten coupons.  It's a good thing the kids (and Junior and I) love them.


Vixen said...

I want free apples!!!!

jenn said...

Vixen ~ go stalk your grocery store for the code, and then print as many as you can! Every time we go in Walmart now we check out the boxes for codes. It's addicting! lol!

B Boys Mom said...

What a great deal!

jenn said...

Tammy ~ we went again today to try and find more coupons, but couldn't. Oh well. At least we got the ten we did.