Saturday, October 23, 2010


 One of Brandi's friends gave her a little booklet of Halloween recipes at school, knowing that we were having a Halloween party.  One of the recipes was yogurt covered strawberries that looked like little ghosts.  Brandi really wanted to make them for the party, but I didn't think the yogurt would stand up to being on the table all night.  So...I decided to substitute white chocolate for the yogurt.  I melted the chocolate, and let Brandi dip the strawberries.
I used black food gel to make the eyes and mouths, and I don't know if I didn't give it enough time to dry or what, but when guests picked up the ghosts, the black rubbed right off on their fingers.  I am not sure what else I could have used.  Any ideas for next time?


Dawn said...

What happened to the spread post ?!? I don't have any ideas for the eyes and stuff. But, they are sure cute !! :)

Noner said...

That is such and AWESOME idea! I totally wish I could do that and take them to work on Halloween to share with everyone.

No clue what to use for the eyes, unless you stick something like raisins or licorice bits into the chocolate before its dry.

jenn said...

Dawn ~ they are cute, aren't they? And I can tell you that they didn't last long at all!

jenn said...

Noner ~ I didn't even think about sticking something into the chocolate...hmm...I'm going to have to think about that. Thanks for the idea!