Friday, March 30, 2012

New Recipes?

I can remember exactly the first time I tried a mushroom.  I was young, and at a banquet dinner for the Girl Scouts.  I wanted to have the steak dinner, and it was served with a mushroom sauce.  I tried to pick the mushrooms off, but my mother convinced me to try them. 

I loved them!

I'm not sure what type of mushrooms they were, but since then, I have tried several different varieties, and I have loved them all.  My son and youngest daughter love them too.  I have been looking online for new recipes, and I have found several that use porcini mushrooms.  I'm not sure I am a good enough cook to attempt some of them.  The Italian ones seemed the simplest, so I am thinking of trying one of those. 

Have any of you ever tried corn pasta?   How does it taste?  I imagine it has more flavor than regular pasta made from white flour, and since I am trying to cut back on white flour and sugar, I think the corn pasta might be a good alternative, especially since I do not like wheat pasta.

Of course, if I am going to attempt to make a gourmet meal, I feel like I should have an equally gourmet dessert to go with it.  I have never made anything more complicated than a cheesecake, so trying a recipe that includes exotic (at least to me!) ingredients like flower water can be a tad daunting. But, if I'm going to go all out, I may as well go out with a bang.

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