Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You Know Which Vitamins You Should Be Taking?

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Trying to decide which vitamins to take can get pretty confusing.  Their are individual vitamins for every nutrient you may be lacking, from vitamin A to zinc.  There are also lots of multi vitamins geared towards men or women, or older men and older women.  Standing in the vitamin aisle can be very intimidating if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.
I went to and took their simply survey to see what vitamins I should be taking on a daily basis.  It took less than five minutes for me to answer a series of questions that asked everything from how many veggies I eat every day to whether or not I'm a smoker.  I had to include my height and weight, and I was seriously prepared for them to offer me up some diet pills.  They didn't.  They did, however, offer me a list of vitamins i should be taking to supplement my diet.  Check it out:

I was not at all surprised about the fish oil, because i do not eat any fish.  I am not sure what the natural sterols and stanols are, so I have to do a bit of research before taking those.  Apparently, since they have me taking four of them, it must be something important I am lacking. also offers free live chats with Registered Dieticians, so I may hop back on their and ask what those sterols and stanols are all about.
Hopefully, I will feel more confident in the vitamin aisle from now on.
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