Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Want Some Of These

I was reading this months Women's Day magazine, and found a write up they did on these utensils.  They are a Set of 5 Convenient No Mess Cooking Utensils by Lori Greiner.  As you can see, the utensils are bent so that they can hang on the side of the pot or pan you are using, eliminating messes made from laying them on the counter.  Pretty cool. right?  The handles ends are silicone, so they stay cool.

If you prefer a non metal version, try these spoons made by Rachael Ray.  They are not bent like the others, but they do have a notch in the handle that allows them to rest on the side of your pot or pan.

I would love either set, because I think they are both really cool.  They would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for those of you who have moms who love to cook, like me.

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