Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeding A Baby Is Easier Than Feeding A Teenager

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I talk a lot on this blog about the thing I make for my family.  I have a couple of helpers (my girls) who are always trying to help, and most of the time I am more than happy to let them. I read somewhere that if you let your kids help prepare a meal they are more likely to eat it.  My kids aren't necessarily picky eaters, but there are some things that I have gotten them to try simply by allowing them to help prepare it.

When my kids were little, they were both breastfed and bottle fed.  Actually, they were always bottle fed, but for the first three months of each of their lives, I pumped my milk for them.  Once they were solely on formula, I was always on the lookout for the best price, because formula was, and still is, downright expensive.  These days, parents can buy on Bright Beginnings formula, which is a store brand, not a name brand formula.  It is, however, just as nutritious for your baby.  It has to be.  There are laws about this.  It also costs a whole lot less than the store brand formulas, and as parents, I think it's in our blood to save money where ever we can, without sacrificing what's important.  You can find out more about this formula by visiting and liking Bright Beginnings on Facebook

I am off to make supper for the kids.  I wish it was as simple as heating up a bottle, but they always want meat and vegetables.  Sometimes, I miss the days of liquid meals.  They were so much easier to prepare!

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