Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check Out My New Pots

 Aren't they pretty?  I had mentioned months ago that I wanted new stainless pots, and my mom remembered.  I was thrilled when I opened them on Christmas.  The set has three different sized pots, as well as a small skillet.  (the non-stick frying pan in the picture is one of the ones I reviewed from CSNstores) The pots came with glass lids and three stainless utensils.  I love them!  The only issue I have is that I have no where to store them.  My cabinet where I have been keeping my pots and pans doesn't have a shelf, so everything is piled on top of each other, and I want to keep this set looking nice.  I think I am going to look for some type of shelving unit to go in my kitchen hallway to put them on.  Maybe something like this:
I already have a smaller version of this sitting on my counter.  It holds all my spices and olive oils.  I just hope the bigger shelves are affordable.


Tara Beaulieu said...

I'm in the same boat- all of mine are stacked inside each other. If you have an Ikea near you, they are usually reasonably priced and have a great selection of storage solutions for small spaces. I've been making myself an "Ikea wish list" for a while because our closest one is 2 1/2 hours away so we have to plan a day trip and really make it worth our while to go (which also means saving up $$)

Do you have room for an overhead potrack where you can hang them? That might be another good alternative for you...

B Boys Mom said...

Your pots and pans look wonderful. I would love a new set. Mine are really old and beat up. I'm sure everything you cook even taste better.