Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Entertainment

Guest post from: Joe Castro

We watch entirely too much television at our house during the winter. With the sun setting earlier nad it being so cold outside, what else is there to do? Our direct tv new york is always on, often in more than one room! The kids each have a television in their room, my husband watched in the den and I even have one in the kitchen. The kids usually want to watch something on Disney or Nickelodeon but never the same thing. Hence the need for them to each have their own. Hubby usually watches Sportscenter after work to catch up on football, basketball and hockey. I have no interest in sports and no time to sit down and watch television. Anything I watch has to be on in the kitchen where I am usually cooking, cleaning or making the next day’s lunches. Luckily, winter doesn’t last forever and in a couple of months the days will be longer and we can all go outside for a walk and some fresh air!

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