Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kinda Scary

After my sister gave birth to her fourth son, she developed a blood clot in her leg.  It wasn't a nuvaring blood clot though, it was a result of her c-section.  I was here in South Carolina, and she was in New York, but I remember the struggles she faced, and is still facing every day, as a result of the clot.  Thankfully, there was a surgeon in the hospital at the time who was able to remove it before it did serious damage to her body.

The risk of blood clots is what keeps me away from hormone based birth control.  Right now, there is a nuvaring lawsuit going on that scares me.  I mean, no one knows what the long term side effects are of all these forms of birth control, and I refuse to put my body through that.  I would rather rely on condoms, and not put extra hormones into my body.

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