Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Me

I hardly ever spend money on myself.  Most of my paychecks go towards bills, and the weeks when I do have a little bit of extra money, I spend it on the kids.  They are always wanting or needing something, and I like that I am able to get them those things.  Of course, there are things they want that I just can't afford, so I have been making a mental list so that I can get them those things for Christmas.

It's hard to shop for them when they are with me, because let's face it, how much fun is it to know what all of your Christmas gifts are before the big day.  Sites like ThinkGeek offer great ideas for gifts and shopping online means I can sneak the stuff into the house without the kids seeing it. I can also use GoToMyPC promo codes to help me save some money.  

I do need a few things for myself, and since I don't have a significant other these days to buy me Christmas gifts, I'll have to find the money to buy them for myself.  Most of the things are not necessities, but I do need a toaster.  Or a toaster oven.  The kids like to make eggs and toast in the mornings, and Brandi always needs one of the other kids to help her make the toast because the bread has to go in the oven, and she is not old enough to use the oven herself yet.  I'm going to look online for a Home Depot coupon and check there for a toaster.  I know they carry a few small appliances, so maybe I'll get lucky and find what I want.

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